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Hybrid Rice

Hybrid Rice

Seed of Change: Since domestication more than 10,000 years ago, rice has become a staple that intertwines with history, culture, art and politics. In the 1970s, Professor Yuan Long Ping released first hybrid variety in China. Since then, hybrid rice represents a potential to radically increase productivity.

Golden Sunland recognizes the opportunity presented by combining this technology with an inclusive business model delivering real benefit to farmers on the ground. Hybrid rice technology is an important tool in our inclusive business model and we are set to rectify stereotypes surrounding hybrid rice.

Rice is Life


Agritechnology improved leaps and bound during the Green Revolution. While food production increased exponentially, some argue the Green Revolution did not benefit smallholder farms and widened social divides. We apply these technologies through innovative business models to deliver real benefits to farmers on the ground.

From Seed to Harvest
Non-GMO breeding method with focus on yield improvement, eating quality and nutrition. Our breeders perform in-field cross pollination which takes up to 3 years to stabilize a variety. Golden Sunland’s variety is now pending Plant Breeders’ Right protection under the UPOV convention.
From Research to Implementation
Growth stage and site-specific fertilizer regimes reduce farmers’ cost and minimizes environmental impact. Chemical usage adheres to EU regulation standards, ensuring only non-hazardous chemical are used for pest, disease, and weed prevention. Not organic, but far more pragmatic and beneficial for smallholder farmers.
From Business to the people
Rice milling is a traditional industry. Golden Sunland redesigned mill operations to fully utilize all secondary waste to generate useful by-products and energy.

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