Our Team

Our team are stewards of an inclusive and sustainable future for everyone in agriculture.

Our Team

Thomas Chen LC | CEO Thomas Chen LC | CEO

A serial entrepreneur from Taiwan who transitioned from electrical engineering to garments, and finally settling down in agriculture - specifically in the rice sector. Thomas' first venture in agriculture was in Vietnam in the late 1980s, becoming COO of a listed fertilizer firm before attempting tropical hybrid rice development in the Philippines and elsewhere.

David Chen CY | COO David Chen CY | COO

Carrying the serial entrepreneur gene, David was a fencing coach and a new father. His wife describes him as someone who would 'save the dolphin", but in reality, David believes in meaningful partnerships and inclusivity. David graduated from Murdoch University with a degree in Molecular Biology and obtained a master's degree in Tri-Sector Collaboration at Singapore Management University. He entered the hybrid rice industry in 2008.

Thomas Chen LC | CEO Peng Jingkai | CFO

Could have become the Durian Prince, but he instead entered the finance sector. Jingkai's kampung spirit was awakened when his son raised several soul-searching questions, leading to him resigning from banking and entering the rice business. Jingkai graduated from University College London and has over a decade's experience in commodities with investment banks in London and Singapore.

Growing Rice,
Growing Lives.

Golden Sunland’s farm team is ever growing. With a key focus on technology transfer and on-job training, we engaged six foreign experts across different disciplines to train 88 local staff in breeding, seed production, rice production, mechanization, and post-harvest processes.

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