Our Partner-Farmers

Golden Sunland stewards the entire value chain – from seed to harvest, from mill to package, from export to market. This integrated approach consolidates smallholder farmers to achieve economies of scale and streamline processes. This enables us to empower our partner-farmers, collaborate with researchers, safeguard quality and food safety for all who love our rice.

Our Farmers

We work with partner-farmers via contract farming; with a special focus on transparency, risk sharing, and fairness. Each region, down to the village level, has its own unique characteristics, thus requiring us to be adaptable and innovative in our collaboration models.

From Seed to Harvest
Women FarmersWe pay our female farmers the same rate as male farmers to ensure gender equality.
From Research to Implementation
Buffalo LoversDespite the low efficiency of using buffalos for land preparation work, we respect local culture and implemented a basic mechanization system with complementary modern machineries. A step back? Not quite, it demonstrates a deep understanding of local context.
From Research to Implementation
Reduce workloadRice farming is a traditional industry, and particularly so in Myanmar. Farmers have post-harvest processes such as sun drying; time consuming and labor intensive. Final rice products are inconsistent and result in high broken rate at the mill. We buy our paddy fresh from the field to dry mechanically, ensuring product quality and reduce farmers’ risks.
From Business to the people
Freedom from the fieldWe need rice farmers to produce our staple, but we should not keep the next generation in the field and sacrifice their education. By reducing labor workload in the field through basic mechanization, smallholder farmers’ children can pursue education, opening diverse job prospects or vastly improve farming processes.

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