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7 Million Hectare of rice field

60% of Myanmar’s arable land are paddy fields. Majority of these fields are flat land dependent on irrigation infrastructure or weather irrigation.

Good Agriculture Practices


Fertilizer Regime

Fields are assessed for historic performance and input. Recommendation from Golden Sunland moved away from compound fertilizer into single elements specific for different growth stages and to suit the farmers budget.


Pest/Disease/Weed Control

Internal system restricts use of non-EU approved active ingredient. No application of chemical 30 days prior to harvest.


Quality Seed

Our proprietary seed has been tested to yield up to 8mt/ha, which is 4 times more than Myanmar’s national average.

Farmer Support

Golden Sunland has a partner-farmer support team that routinely visits the fields we support. Detailed farm tracking records are evaluated weekly and seasonally, so we can refine operation guidelines per site.

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