Business Philosophy

Golden Sunland, a Singapore rice-growing company, collaborates with local partner-farmers in Myanmar. We provide access to agritechnology and shared resources, so that from seed to table, the processes are efficient, the produce is bountiful, and the proceeds are divided equitably amongst partner-farmers and patrons.

We build thriving communities through our partnership with farmers and responsible farming methods that sustains prime agricultural conditions for growing rice.

Our Work

To do good sustainably, an organization must be financially sustainable. This grants resources for outreach, engagement, and impact. Therefore, Golden Sunland is built on the basis of being profitable and bankable, springboarding off that to improve the lives of our partner-farmers.

From Seed to Harvest
TransparencyGolden Sunland is committed to improving the lives of our partner-farmers. Trust is our principle of engaging institutions, farmers, and consumers.
From Research to Implementation
TransferabilityWe leverage on our high quality rice in domestic and international markets to fund our business. We scale on our principle of doing good, alleviating our partner-farmers from poverty.
From Business to the people
TraceabilityTo our consumers, we uphold food safety and quality assurance by ensuring our rice journey is trackable.

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